Why take a guided Vatican Tour?



This is an often asked question and a sensible one.

There are a multitude of correct answers to this but I shall attempt to encapsulate a few here.

First I will try to explain the “Vatican Museum"

I prefer not to call it a museum as I believe that it is far more than a museum. What you will be visiting are areas of the Vatican Palace as it is when the Pope and Cardinals see it. What you will not see though are endless little descriptions on the walls giving you small snippets of information. You are going to witness some of the worlds most beautiful art, sculpture and artefacts large and small in the surroundings of palace walls. It goes without saying that to have this explained and interpreted by an expert can only enhance this journey.

The Vatican is also full of many mysteries. It is a place of magnificence that to describe in a written description cannot do justice or bring to life the history and intrigues, the centuries of political influences that have originated within, the many wars involving The Vatican all of which make it what it is today.

The final place you will see while in The Vatican is The Sistine Chapel. Michelangelo’s masterpiece.

I will not describe it as words simply cannot only your eyes can!

The worlds smallest state and most probably one of the most interesting and beautiful places you will ever visit.






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