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Ancient Rome Private Tour – Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill


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This is Rome at its oldest, where the power struggles within the senate would take place and public executions held quite regularly. Where the great payoff to the local Romans was a huge sporting theatre where public displays of gallantry and brutality went hand in hand. Colosseum Best Value Tour with skip the line access included!

The Eternal City has The Colosseum and the Roman Forum side by side while rising above them stands the Palatine Hill, the home of some of Rome’s greatest known historical leaders. You will have 3 hours with a personal private expert guide to take you back in time and bring the whole area vividly back to life for you. Walking in the footsteps of Julius Caesar gives you a chance to take in the atmosphere of a Rome of 2000 years ago.

We will start our tour by entering The Colosseum, a place with the most incredible history. Built over 2000 years ago the Flavian Amphitheatre (its original name), is the sign that you have reached Rome. We have all witnessed its recreation in many memorable and some not so memorable movies over the past decades. None can really do it justice for that you must see it for yourself.

Partially ravaged by plunder for its marble facade, a section of it was destroyed many years ago by an earthquake, yet it still remains remarkably intact and accessible for its age. The main threat to it today are human and environmental, indeed there are more than 6 million visitors each year.

The games that would take place within it were often gruesome and would usually involve death of humans and animals and many times both. However, it was not always a bloodbath. For a short period in history, it is said that the lowest area was flooded to allow for mock sea battles. Though some historians dispute, this has recently been agreed by engineers and archaeologists that it would have been wholly possible. Other times, it was used as a theatre to act out plays of classical mythology and heroic acts. Later, as it fell into disuse after the Sacking of Rome, it was used as a place to live and artisans would create and sell their goods there as a marketplace. Fortunately, its near constant use over about 1500 years has actually preserved it for us today. On your 3 hours private tour, we will endeavour to bring back to life not only the structures but also the magnitude of the happenings of this whole area of Rome. Decisions that were taken 2000 years ago have shaped the fate of countries and democracy around the world up to this day.

We will next venture up the Palatine Hill. This would have been the Beverly Hills of its day but much more exclusive. The remains of at least 3 Emperors palaces can still be seen here now. We can witness with certainty the palaces of Augustus, Tiberius and Domitian. Nero had his palace there which was destroyed by fire in 64AD. He then replaced it with a much bigger one.
Standing 40 metres above the surrounding area, the Palatine Hill gives a tremendous view over central Rome.

Then step into the Roman Forum. This was the centre of the ancient city’s political and commercial life. Here Senators would meet and decide the fate of locals and people of far away countries. Business deals were struck. Life and death were decided for local criminals in the courthouse, while close by temples were there for people to worship the Gods. These activities remained centrally there until around 500 AD, when they started to expand out into more of the city.

If you are looking for a tour that will educate and entertain in the most fascinating area of Ancient Rome then this is for you. As this is a private tour you will have the total attention of your guide who will happily answer your questions and also go deeper into the history of areas that are important to you.

Please Note

  • Please bring an ID document for children as proof of age for the reduced price tickets.
  • The time may be changed according to tickets availability. If necessary we will contact you with confirmation.
  • When accessing the monument the Colosseum visitors will be asked to pass security checks, even when entering with pre-booked tickets or vouchers. Please make sure you DO NOT have pointed large umbrellas and knives of any sizes with you. Liquids are allowed but only if in plastic bottles. Remember that you can refill your containers in the fountains inside the Colosseum. Back packs are allowed inside the Colosseum if very small in size; shoulder bags or handbags are permitted if regular size.
  • This tour operates in all weather conditions.
  • This tour is not wheelchair accessible.

Start Time
Winter season: 8:30 am, 1:15 pm
Summer season: 8:30 am, 2:30 pm

Meeting point

We are delighted to welcome you to our office in Via Frangipane 30, 00184, Rome, where the guide will prepare you for the security check.

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Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su

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Comfortable clothes and shoes


Skip-the-line tickets for the Colosseum (16 euros) and reservation fee (2 euros)

3 hours private guide

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Are tickets to the Colosseum included in the price?

Yes, all reservation and admission fees are included in the price. By booking this tour you will benefit form our skip-the-line tickets to the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, and Roman Forum

How much walking is involved in this tour?

This is a 3 hour walking tour, a moderate amount of walking is involved. We recommend wearing comfortable shoes.

What time should we be at the meeting point?

To avoid losing your tour, please be at the meeting point 10 minutes prior to the time of departure. Should you miss your entrance time slot, your tickets and tour will be lost, with no possibility of refund.

I booked the wrong tour. How can I cancel it?

Please see our Cancellation Policy and Terms & Conditions for any doubts regarding bookings, amendments, and cancellations.