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Colosseum Express Tour With Special Access To Arena


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Max 24




1.5 hrs


10:30 AM; 15:30 PM

Come with us to visit Rome’s iconic landmark, the 2000-year-old Colosseum. Do it in style by entering as the gladiators did through the Gladiators’ gate, straight onto the arena floor - if you are on a budget yet still dream of an off-limits experience, this is the best Colosseum tour on the market.

We meet at our office, 2 minutes away from the Colosseum, where you will be introduced to your expert guide. Together with your small group at a maximum of 24 people we will take the short walk to the Colosseum and stroll straight past the long lines and also past the public entry. We are so fortunate that we can then go directly to the gate used by the Gladiators, so yes, we enter in style as VIP guests. Wearing headsets ensures that you will always hear clearly the explanations and anecdotes from your guides. This also gives you a little latitude if you wish to move a few metres to catch a photo!

As we have entered as gladiators, you will find that we are in the arena and, apart from the spectacular view around you, another thing is instantly noticeable: admiring looks from the crowds above. No, they do not expect you to start fighting lions or each other, they are just being wondering how you managed to enter in this special place.

Of course, on our Express tour you will also rise up onto the second main ring encircling the arena, where your guide will fill you in on the lives of Romans, both the rich gentry and the town’s people. The Colosseum was an entertainment palace for all. While your guide will try to anticipate your questions, please feel welcome to interact and ask if there is something you particularly want to know. This tour is going to fill your head with knowledge of ancient Rome in a fun and entertaining 2 hour walk time.

No first time vacationer to Rome would miss a chance to be inside The Roman Colosseum. It is the symbol of Rome. Possibly the oldest surviving symbol of any world city that you can comfortably walk around and see the structure in. Although not a perfect condition, not too bad for 1950 years of age. In English its original name was the Flavian Amphitheatre and was the largest ever built with an estimated 80000 at it absolute maximum capacity. Started by the Emperor Vespasian in AD72, it was to take 8 years to construct. The money to pay for this came from the spoils of war after the Great Jewish Revolt in 70 AD, which led to the siege of Jerusalem. Results of that were a huge number of prisoners taken. It is estimated 100000 Jewish slaves did the main labour including mining and transporting the rock 20km from Tivoli. In the inaugural games, lasting more than 100 days, it is said 9000 animals were killed. It is a sign of the times that, although there are writings from the time with that number expressed, there are no figures for human deaths! These games are thought to have been ordered by the Emperor Titus for two main reasons. To appease the gods after The Fire of Rome, eruption of Vesuvius and an outbreak of plague. Secondly and probably more important, keep the public happy. History shows that in standard shorter games daily programme would be as follows: morning, animal deaths; lunchtime, executions of prisoners; afternoon, gladiatorial contests and deaths. Life had little value.


Please Note

  • Please bring ID documents for everyone in your party, such as a passport or driving licence. Due to security reasons, you may be required to present ID when entering the Colosseum and may be refused entry if do not have your documents to hand.
  • The time may be changed according to tickets availability. If necessary we will contact you with confirmation.
  • When accessing the monument the Colosseum visitors will be asked to pass security checks, even when entering with pre-booked tickets or vouchers. Please make sure you DO NOT have pointed large umbrellas and knives of any sizes with you. Liquids are allowed but only if in plastic bottles. Remember that you can refill your containers in the fountains inside the Colosseum. Back packs are allowed inside the Colosseum if very small in size; shoulder bags or handbags are permitted if regular size.
  • This tour operates in all weather conditions.
  • This tour is not wheelchair accessible.

Meeting point

We are delighted to welcome you to our office in Via Frangipane 30, 00184, Rome, where the guide will prepare you for the security check.

Available days

Mo, Tu, Fr, Sa, Su

Dress code

Comfortable clothes and shoes


1.5 hours English-speaking guide

Skip-the-line tickets (22 euros) and reservation fee (2 euros)

Headsets (groups of 6+)

Services NOT included

Food and Drinks

Travel Insurance


Meeting point


Are tickets to the Colosseum included in this tour?

Yes, all entrance and admission fees are included in the price of this tour. By booking this experience you will benefit from our skip-the-line tickets, maximizing your visiting time.

Can I visit the Colosseum on my own one the tour is finished?

Yes, because this is an express experience, you can choose to stay in the Colosseum and visit the Palatine Hill and Roman Forum on your own.

Are the Palatine Hill and Roman Forum included in this tour?

No, this is an express visit of the Colosseum. Please visit our Colosseum Tours for a complete visit of the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, and Roman Forum.