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Vatican Museums And Colosseum – Private Combo Experience


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Our top-selling Colosseum and Vatican tour combo, with its own private licensed guide, features access to restricted areas including the Colosseum's Arena floor!

Rendezvous with your private guide at our office just 5 minutes away from the Colosseum.

Walk through the Gladiator’s Gate and step unto the Arena Floor, nowadays restricted areas of the Colosseum. Discover, with the help of your expert guide, the background knowledge about the structure as well as the incredible events that would unfold during the games provided for the Roman public, at times in celebration of wartime victories and sometimes to placate the masses.

Learn that not all the participants to the events were volunteers or trained gladiators. Unfortunately, 2000 years ago, the easiest way to keep a crowd happy was to shed blood and it usually was human as the value of life was very cheap.

The structure of the Colosseum should not be undervalued. Though it does not retain all its original elegance, it is still incredible that so much of it still remains. Rome has suffered untold numbers of earthquakes up to modern days and the Colosseum has defied them all.

Leave the Colosseum to continue your combination tour at The Vatican, take a short taxi ride (payable on site) as on this 10 – 15 min you get to sightsee many interesting places to ask your guide about.

Arrive at the Vatican with direct access tickets that will give you the privilege of entering it in a relaxed way. Allow your expert guide to select the very best highlights for you. If there is a particular piece of art or a feature of the Vatican you wish to see please let your guide know before you enter. If we can make it possible we will.

The Vatican's main treasure, the magnificent Sistine Chapel with its wonderful frescoes by Michelangelo. The story told in this masterpiece will be explained by your guide and when you are inside you will have some time in silence to fully appreciate its beauty and meaning.

Use a special exit from the Sistine Chapel that will bring you directly to St Peter’s Basilica. It is hard to put into words the importance of this monument to Christianity and the first Pope, St Peter. Its size alone is quite astronomical, as it could enclose six football pitches and still have some room for the fans. Once you get over the shock of the size, take in the magnificence of its interior. As you enter and move off to your right, encounter one of Michelangelo’s most incredibly poignant sculptures, the Pietà. A depiction of Jesus in the arms of his mother Mary. The artist decided to portray the dying adult Jesus in the size of a child. This work was done when the artist was only 23 and still considered a boy himself. It is one of the few pieces that Michelangelo actually signed and legend goes that it was because local dignitaries disbelieved it was created by someone so young. When you witness it, I am sure you will also share their disbelief.

Leave the Basilica and enter St Peter’s Square, an incredible open space that is surrounded by Bernini’s Colonnades, topped off by a selection of early saints.

The architects involved in the 120 year construction include:

  • Michelangelo
  • Gian Lorenzo Bernini
  • Donato Bramante

and many more.

The combination tour of the Colosseum and Vatican is an incredible way to spend half a day in Rome. It will give you a background on how the Empire and Church have shaped this remarkable city over the span of two millennia. If it is your first visit you will soon realise why people keep returning to see more.

It is often said that, if you have a month long vacation in Rome, you might just start to know the inroads to see everything. Of course that is a sweeping statement and, as regular visitors will tell you, a month would not even finish the tip of the iceberg. No city in the world can offer a richer and better preserved heritage. No other democracy today is unaffected by the democracies that descended from the Roman Empire. From the early days of Rome to the modern Roman society, one thing stands out and that is “style”. Be it in buildings, art or fashion. Style dominates the skyline in Rome, it always has and seemingly always will.

As you stand on Fori Imperiali and look down 300 metres the view is dominated by The Roman Colosseum in all its splendour. The other great icons can be seen from almost any slightly elevated and unobscured place in Rome, the mighty St Peter’s Basilica and The Vatican.

For a visitor to Rome, it is essential to get to the heart of these two icons. By delving into the histories of both, you will come to understand what the basis of Rome and Italian culture is. The Colosseum and The Vatican are two of the world's most visited historical sites and have become true entities on their own, therefore, that in itself can create a difficulty for the visitor as you will see long lines of people waiting to have access. In this combination tour we have privileged access to both so you that you may enter them with ease.

Please also feel free to discuss and ask questions of your guide as they are totally at your disposal.

Please Note

  • Please bring an ID document for children as proof of age for the reduced price tickets.
  • The time may be changed according to tickets availability. If necessary we will contact you with confirmation.
  • When accessing the monument, Colosseum visitors will be asked to pass security checks, even when entering with pre-booked tickets or vouchers. Please make sure you DO NOT have pointed large umbrellas and knives of any sizes with you. Liquids are allowed but only if in plastic bottles. Remember that you can refill your containers in the fountains inside the Colosseum. Back packs are allowed inside the Colosseum if very small in size; shoulder bags or handbags are permitted if regular size.
  • In case the Basilica of St. Peter is closed for religious functions, you will spend longer time in the Vatican galleries with your private guide. The Basilica is a Church and as such the Vatican can decide to use it for religious functions without notice.
  • This tour operates in all weather conditions.
  • This tour is not wheelchair accessible but may be customized to meet this requirement upon special request.
  • Please note that, for disabled visitors with certified invalidity of more than 74%, the Vatican Museums offers free entry that is extended to a companion for visitors who are not self sufficient. To benefit from this, make sure you mention it at the time of booking so that our staff may handle your request.

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Meet your guide at our office, in Via Frangipane, 30, 00184, Rome.

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Comfortable shoes and clothes


5 hours private licensed guide

Skip-the-line tickets for the Colosseum (22 euros) and reservation fee (2 euros)

Skip-the-line tickets for the Vatican

Special access to the restricted area of the Arena

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