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Ancient Rome Small Group Tour – Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatine Hill

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Rome Small Group Tours

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With a maximum of 24 people (average 16), our ever popular tour of Ancient Rome and the Colosseum kicks off with the iconic Roman Colosseum. We will avoid the long lines to maximise your valuable time in Rome. Taking in the heart of Ancient Rome your expert guide will bring history alive in a most enjoyable way as you and your small group of new friends will be able to easily interact with her.

We also will walk in the footsteps of Julius Caesar and the Gladiators. Learn about the amazing and sometimes horrifying events that occurred in the name of “entertainment” in ancient times. Gaining quick and direct access to The Colosseum, you will learn how it went from being a massively popular “sporting” venue in its first five hundred years to falling into disuse and decay. How it was plundered of its gold, bronze and iron. The connection of the creation of St Peter’s Basilica and the Colosseum marble. How did such a wonderful amphitheatre become a “housing project” and a place of artisans making and selling their wares. Built without Roman labour, this undying icon of Roman history was erected in only six years and, despite lightening strikes and countless earthquakes, still stands proud. A testament to the legacy of early Italian engineering genius.

As we go up the Palatine Hill and have an incredible view over Rome we enter the place where the Emperors of Rome would create their marvellous and increasingly huge palaces. There is still evidence today of three of them. Probably the best known example would be Nero’s second and wonderfully outlandish palace. His first was to be destroyed by the fire of Rome. Many believe he may have started the inferno to free up land for the purpose of the wildly lavish creation.

Wandering through the original cobbled roads of The Roman Forum brings us back to the reality of day to day life in the centre of Rome. The seat of The Senate stood alongside temples and courthouses. By the fourth century churches were also appearing as the Emperor Constantine had embraced Christianity. The public would here be able to give vent to their grievances. Here also you will discover the purpose of the Vestal Virgins. This relatively small area was to control the fates of about a third of the known world for several centuries. Ironically the cost of staging games in the colosseum was eating up a vast proportion of the revenue gathered.

Delving into history is never more fun than when it is in The Colosseum and Ancient Rome. There is nowhere quite like it on Earth. The amazing events and many of them horrific will be related to you along with some amusing anecdotes to make this an incredibly enjoyable time for you and your small group. While on tour, feel free to ask questions and interact. This is your tour.... enjoy every minute of it.

This tour is approximately 3 hours. Please be aware of the weather conditions and dress accordingly. Be sure to have water and adequate cover from the sun in the hot summer months.


Please Note

  • Please bring an ID document for children as proof of age for the reduced price tickets.
  • The time may be changed according to tickets availability. If necessary we will contact you with confirmation.
  • When accessing the monument the Colosseum visitors will be asked to pass security checks, even when entering with pre-booked tickets or vouchers. Please make sure you DO NOT have pointed large umbrellas and knives of any sizes with you. Liquids are allowed but only if in plastic bottles. Remember that you can refill your containers in the fountains inside the Colosseum. Back packs are allowed inside the Colosseum if very small in size; shoulder bags or handbags are permitted if regular size.
  • This tour operates in all weather conditions.
  • This tour is not wheelchair accessible.

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We are delighted to welcome you to our office in Via Frangipane 30, 00184, Rome, where the guide will prepare you for the security check.

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Dress code

Comfortable clothes and shoes We know that our clients do not want to be in huge groups and would like to be personally interactive with our guides. We have designed this 3 hour tour to do just that.


Skip-the-line tickets (16 euros) and reservation fee (2 euros)

3 hours English-speaking guide

Headsets (groups of 6+)

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