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Dan Brown’s Angels And Demons – Private Walking Experience


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4 hrs


08:30 AM, 15:30 PM

You have read the book and seen the movie. Now go further and see the locations and inspirations in Rome. The Angels and Demons tour will let you visit the places where the characters visited in this mysterious novel of intrigue and corruption.

We will visit many sites on this 4-hour tour including Church of St Mary of the People, Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Castel St Angelo (outside) st Peter's Square and many more. This is your personal Private tour and you will be able to set the pace. The angels and Demons tour will give you a completely different viewpoint of Rome. Seeing the settings of the novel will give you a unique experience and put everything into place. Share your thoughts and opinions with your expert English speaking guide.

First we will enter the church of St Mary of the Victory. We can witness here stunning mosaics by Bernini. Continuing your personal tour in the novelist Dan Brown’s characters footsteps, we will visit the Church of St Mary of the People home of the Chigi Chapel in the novel. This is where the character Robert Langdon discovers the body of the cardinal with his mouth full of soil. We will also visit the Pantheon, the ancient temple that became a church where many famous people are interred. Langdon visited this in error after misinterpreting part of the poem. Finally with your guide you will see the beautiful Piazza Navona where Bernini’s Four River Fountain is and this place is the setting of another pivotal moment in Dan Brown’s book.

Next, we will walk the short distance to Castel St Angelo with its famous Passetto. This is the secret fortified passage used by the Popes in past times as an escape to safety route and blends in perfectly for this tour of mystery and intrigue. We will then head towards St Peters Square into its centre to the huge obelisk. Here we will look onto the basilica and discuss the process of electing a new Pope from the existing cardinals. This is tantamount to the plot of the novel. Bring the story to life as you relive the plot while witnessing the settings in full colour real life. Angels and Demons has become a blockbuster movie now enjoy our blockbuster tour.

Angels and Demons starring Tom Hanks and directed by Ron Howard is yet another big budget extravaganza to be filmed in Rome. The Dan Brown novel, love it or hate it has wonderfully scripted in so many fascinating places that people constantly ask to see the places featured. Rome has been the home to countless movies and many classics. I have often been asked what sums up the atmosphere of movies in Rome, how can a person feel involved in a place as if they were in a movie? I have the answer and it is remarkably simple. First you must go out very late one night have a few drinks with someone you love! Around 4am find yourself at The Trevi Fountain....totally alone just you two. At this point you both start to hear beautiful music as if by magic. Then you re-enact the scene at the fountain from Fellini’s classic La Dolce Vita. You will be Marcello Mastroianni and Anita Ekberg. No scene in a movie set in Rome can be more eponymous of Rome if you love the city. Of course I could have suggested Gladiator but decided that I would choose a movie that says “Made in Rome” better than any other.


You will need to take a taxi to reach some of the sites and this need to be paid on site
€2 entrance fee to the Pantheon not included

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Church of St. Mary of the Victory in Rome

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Comfortable shoes and clothes. For Holy Sites shoulders and knees should be covered.


4 hours private licensed guide

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