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The Vatican


11 April 2018

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  • The Vatican Museums are open Monday to Saturday to the general public from 9am-4pm.
  • Mandatory exit at 6pm.

Certain companies can have access earlier to avoid some of the crowds. We are one of them so please check our schedule and see if we can help you.

Getting In And A Few Facts I Am Sure You Did Not Know.

The lines to enter The Vatican can be daunting and are often 2 hours or more. A sad fact and something I can testify to is that people have collapsed and died while standing in line. In high summer Romes’ temperature can often reach 37-40°c with an ambient temperature nearer 50°c. If you do choose to stand in line be sure to have adequate water and use a foldaway small umbrella to protect from the sun.

I would strongly advise that when visiting a city such as Rome and if you are there for a short time, that you value your time there and use it more enjoyably than queuing!

There are many ways which we can help you save time and have a much more enlightening experience. Feel free to contact us as we are The Professionals and here to help you.

Access to St Peters is free but again huuuuuge lines most of the year. Again protect yourself from the heat. Around the outside perimeter of St Peters Square in the summer you will usually see a couple of ambulances waiting to help people with heat stoke.

Please feel free to check out how we can help you to visit Rome in a pleasant way skipping the lines.

When visiting The Vatican and St Peters (and also all churches in Italy) You must dress respectfully. Cover knees and shoulders and midriff.

The Sistine Chapel is an holy place so dress code is required.

Once inside you will be overwhelmed there is no other word I can use.

The beauty and magnificence that surrounds you is outstanding! The one thing though that you will find very little of is descriptions of the artworks. This is because you are in a place that by name only is a museum, firstly it is the Papal Palace.

If you really want this all to come alive for you pay a little more and let an expert take you around and point you in the right directions to see the best of the best. Believe me its worth it.


The Vatican has its own international football team!

The Vatican has also beautiful Pontificial Villas located in Castle Gandolfo built over 55 hectares that are 11 more of the Vatican city State!

The Vatican has an observatory internationally renowned in Arizona. The Italian Embassy to The Vatican is the only embassy in the world that is situated in the same country as the country that owns it.

Rome is the only city in the world with two embassies per each country since one embassy is related to Italy and the other one to the Vatican City State that is too small and the embassies are situated outside the walls.

The Vatican has its own Euros, stamps and post office.

Many People in Rome use The Vatican postal service as they prefer it to The Italian post.

For disabled visitors with certified invalidity of more than 74%, the Vatican Museums offers free entry that is extended to a companion for visitors who are not self sufficient. To benefit from this, make sure you mention it at the time of booking so that our staff may handle your request.