Rome: How to get around

  • The quickest way around Rome is by scooter.....Its also the deadliest. So I will not give info on how to
    hire one. All I will say is that no matter how experienced you are on two wheels nothing can prepare you for
    the “demolition derby” that is Rome driving. It is a fast way to heaven.
  • So please whichever way you choose if it is not walking (Which is very nice in the Spring or Autumn
    when the weather is not too hot or cold) be sure there are walls of steel surrounding you.



If you use a licenced Rome taxi you will only pay what is on the meter. If you call a taxi by phone you will pay a slightly higher starting charge than if you take a cab at a rank. Remember to be sure the driver starts the meter and do not accept any special offer that involves not using the meter. It will be more expensive.

Generally the taxi drivers are honest.

Taxis from the airport have the fixed price on the door.



The Metro is very quick and efficient at moving you around the city. Usually there is a maximum 10 minute wait if you just missed one.

There are 3 lines A, B and C. C is not yet complete.



Local busses are also regular and cheap and a good city map will give you the routes of the busses and Metro.



The local trains are a very good way to go if you want to go just a little way out of the city. So if you are travelling on a budget then do a little research, its worth it.




They all have a standard ticket of €1.50 for 100 minutes of travel from the point at which you time stamp it. You can go from one mode of transport to another within the 100 minutes.

With the trains please check that the train you are using is local.



Limos in Rome are not as expensive as you may think. They are a great way to arrive from the airport as your driver will collect you in the arrivals hall.

If you want more details please contact us.


To end today a little “Fun Fact”

The Spanish Steps.

They are not Spanish....True.

They were funded by a French diplomat and built by two Italian architects.

But to complicate a little more it was about 140 years before Italy existed as a state, soooooo we have “THE NEARLY FRENCH AND NEARLY ITALIAN STEPS” Just does not work does it.

When you are in Rome ask your guide they will give you the full story mine is just for fun.


More next week.